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Beauty Tools: Hakuhodo Eye Shadow Brushes & Quick Update

I’ve been wanting to replace some of my crappier/scratchy brushes with good quality makeup brushes, and expand my eye shadow brush collection. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Hakuhodo brushes, so I thought I would start there. Hakuhodo brushes are hand made in Japan, so the hairs on every brush are individually tapered for exact product placement and superior brush movement. I heard that they were expensive and some of their face brushes are (as the brushes are bigger and more hair is used) but the eye shadow brushes are actually quite reasonably priced for Australian consumers, considering how much say MAC brushes cost (I tried to stay away from the MAC hype and only have one brush – the 109 face brush and I’m pretty meh about it). So here are the four that I picked out 🙂 (p.s I bought these a little while before starting my $100 beauty challenge).


I should first start off my saying that these brushes feel different in your hand. They are so feather light that they feel very malleable (the handles make maneuvering the brush so easy, it feels like you are painting more so than applying makeup).


Brush no. 1: J146 Eye Shadow Brush Round ($17.00). This brush is made from goat hairs and is finely tapered at the tip. I wanted a big round blending brush and so I ordered this one without realising it’s quite small. It will be great to use for precise blending or for applying minimal but precise colour to the crease/lid. It’s not exactly what I was after (that’s what happens sometimes when you rely on internet shopping without being able to see the product first for yourself, firsthand) but it’s still a lovely brush.

Here is what the Hakuhodo say about the brush:

“The bristles are made from resilient yet soft goat that can produce great coloring. Smudging and blending colors can be easily achieved. Also ideal for highlighting.”


Brush No. 2: J125R (or BJ125R – don’t ask me why this brush has two codes, I have no idea) Duo Fibre Eye Shadow Brush Round and Angled ($26.00). This is probably my favourite brush out of the four. It’s made from both synthetic fiber and goat hair. It is densely packed, slanted and round. It will be perfect for placing eye shadow to the outer corner of the eye lid and for blending the colour into the crease.

“Carefully designed bristles create an angled brush surface for effortless contouring and highlighting. Synthetic fibers extend slightly further than the goat hair, and this specification means that the bristles have more spring which enables them to pick up just the right amount of product. This helps create a smooth finish to your makeup, while also helping it last even longer. Also ideal for applying glittery powder.”



Brush No. 3: J5523 Eye Shadow Brush Round & Flat ($18). Made from goat hairs and can be used with powder products and/or liquid/cream products. This brush is great for applying eye shadow to your whole lid. It can also be used to blend colours softly into each other. The brush is super soft against the eyelid and is nicely tapered at the tip.

“The bristles made from goat are soft on your skin and provide moderate resilience. This brush can be used for the upper eyelid area and produces great coloring and also can be used with all types of products – liquid or cream base makeup and even powder.”


Brush no. 4: J239 Eye Shadow Brush Angled ($21.00). Made from horse hair, this angled brush is flat. If it was denser and not flat it would be a great crease brush, but as it is flat I think it works best for softening liner (especially if you have used eye shadow as liner). I will probably use this brush the least out of the four – but don’t get me wrong, if feels lovely and soft against the skin, it’s just not a brush I reach for everyday.

“The bristles offer moderate elasticity and excel at producing great coloring. Blending of colors is easy to achieve. The angled shape also works well as a highlighter brush.”


All of these brushes are incredibly soft. This means that even if you have a lot of blending to do, or if you plan to apply lots of different products onto the eye, your eyelid won’t become irritated (my eyelid has become irritated when blending eye shadows using some other blending brushes – yes I may have been excessively blending, but still lol). This also means that you may need to apply a little more product than you would have to say if you were using other brushes. I don’t mind this as I know that I am at least being kind to my eyelids (you should not be rough on such a sensitive and delicate area of your face!).

Hakuhodo have a huuuuge range of brushes, so I hope this post was helpful to you in some way. I would like to try some of their face brushes, so hopefully soon I will get my mittens on a few! In saying that, I think my next purchase will be a Zoeva brush set because I have heard countless good things about the quality of their brushes, so stay tuned!

If you are interested in checking out Hakuhodos brushes, check out their website here. I paid $14.00 for international shipping (this is without tracking – but my order arrived just over a week later and my order was well packed) or else you can choose express postage with tracking for $49 (I said hell no to that option!).

It’s Thursday beauty bees and I’m so tired… It has been a long week and I am SO glad that tomorrow in Friday! I had a job interview this week which I *think* went well. Even though I probably need a new challenge in my life, I am a little anxious about starting this new adventure. Going from part time work to full time will be great financially, but it will also be a huge lifestyle change. I’ve never worked fulltime before, hence my fear lol I know that with time you get used to it etc. but somehow I can’t quell this fear of mine. Do any of you beauties have some pearls of wisdom for me? How do you cope with change? Gosh a holiday would be nice right about now lol I wish I could go on a weekend escape to the Polish countryside. I miss the forests there greatly. Serenity now!


Catch ya next time beauties!

Beauty Bee~


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  1. A holiday would be lovely right about now (all expenses paid and no responsibilities at all please!). When I started full-time work in 2011, I noticed that I was just TIRED. For ages. A couple of weeks into the FT routine, I was in bed by 7pm, just totally zonked. It’s a completely different lifestyle if you’re used to a little more flexibility and your body has to get used to the routine. I would say get lots of sleep, drink lots of water, exercise if that’s your thing, and give yourself lots of “you” time. It’s quite a hard adjustment to make at first but you will get used to it and it will become very easy to roll out of bed onto the train into the city! (You might become like me and decide that you look OK just wearing mascara and nothing else…) x

    • Wise words! All of the things you mentioned make sense 🙂 The routine would probably be better for my health long term to (as long as the job is not soul destroying). It’s just taking that step *gah*!

      Where would you go Pam if you didn’t have to worry about expenses? 🙂

    • Hahaha me to 😉 Luckily once you make the purchase they should last many many years!

  2. I’ve heard so many good things about these brushes but don’t own any of my own. Perhaps down the track I’ll look into them a bit more. Great photos btw and I really enjoyed your very thorough review 😉 I couldn’t help but chuckle about the “I bought these before the challenge’ comment. I feel like I need a disclaimer too sometimes – often it takes me a while to blog about recent purchases, hehe, so I totally understand 🙂

    I have my fingers crossed regarding your interview earlier this week. No pearls of wisdom unfortunately. I’m in a same-same but different situation too. I’m sure you’d be great at whatever you choose to do 🙂 Today is my last day in the office with my current employer however I will continue working with them but from home. I’m slightly nervous about but excited at the same time. I’ll miss the office banter and social interaction but it’ll be nice to have some peace too. Best of luck and keep me posted!

    • Oh working from home would be such a big change! It sounds great though, I think that would be my ideal working environment but on the other hand that work social interaction can be very good for you to. Do you still have many friends down in Sydney?

      I’m feeling much more calmer about this possible job prospect, perhaps I just needed to get used to the idea a little more. Even if I don’t get it, I think it’s good to get my head around the idea so that when the next job interview comes up – I will be even better prepared! I will definitely keep you posted 🙂

      I’m trying to save more in general and my boyfriend was telling me the other day that he thinks the beauty challenge is such a good idea since I spend way to much on cosmetics – but then he added in “but you do have the blog” – justifying my overspending to some degree also haha so I like to think of it as my hobby 😛

      • And I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! My new camera is helping me take decent photos – it’s making a world of difference atm!

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