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Welcome to the bee hive!

My name is Sylvia (aka Beauty Bee) and I am a 26 year old, travel loving Polish Australian lass who lives in Sydney. I love to explore and of course – love anything to do with skin care and makeup. My day jobs aren’t related to the beauty industry (I finished degrees in International Security) so this blog is my creative outlet and my escape from my everyday responsibilities. This blog gives me joy, so I really hope you find something within it, that will brighten your day and give you inspiration. Additionally, I love criminal mysteries, adventures, beautiful trinkets and tea! I hope to dig a little deeper into skin care products and their ingredients within this blog. Makeup should be fun, adventurous and make you feel fierce!

While I love beautifully, crafted things and believe that an attractive aesthetic adds more wonder to life, life is messy and I do not wish to portray it as perfect. As such, my photos aren’t Photoshopped and while I appreciate beautiful compositions (especially in photos), sometimes the irregularities give more meaning and honesty to a photo or article.

Life is messy. Life is beautiful.

If you would like to get in touch and say hi, send me an email! Business enquiries also welcome – [email protected]

Also please note do not use my photos without my permission. All rights reserved.


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